Toronto International Fall Classic Car Auction 2004

Friday Lot: N90
Indian Motorcycle Neon Sign

Friday Lot: N91
Route 66 Neon Sign

Friday Lot: N92
Shell Neon Sign

Friday Lot: N93
Sunoco Neon Sign

Friday Lot: N94
Dino Sinclair - Bennett Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N95
Mobilgas Double Gas Pumps

Friday Lot: N96
Harley Davidson Gas Pump; M.S.

Friday Lot: N101
Harley Davidson Showcase with contents

Friday Lot: N105
Slot Machine - Beatles

Friday Lot: N106
Slot Machine - Charlie Angels

Friday Lot: N108
Coca-Cola Button

Friday Lot: N109
Weigh Scale

Saturday Lot: N110
Vendo 39 Coca Cola Machine

Saturday Lot: N111
1930's Imperial Oil Can

Saturday Lot: N112
Texaco Double Gas Pump

Saturday Lot: N113
Wayne 511-E Blend-o-matic Sunoco Gas Pump

Saturday Lot: N114
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