Toronto International Fall Classic Car Auction 2004

Friday Lot: N69
1960 Coca-Cola vending machine. Restored, working condition. Will vend small bottles. Coin mechanism converted to free vend.

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N70
Social speed shop - Jr. Pump

Friday Lot: N71
Coca-Cola Rack

Friday Lot: N72
Coke Fridge

Friday Lot: N74
The Fiat Topolino

Friday Lot: N75
Carousel Horse with Coca Cola base - 1970's. Solid cast aluminum

Friday Lot: N76
Original Gouach Original by Tom Sinclair of a 1925 Duesenberg Model A Roadster

Friday Lot: N77
Limited edition print by reknown artist Glen Loates. 2 piece set - with matching numbers. Both original paintings hang in the Oval Office at the White House.

Friday Lot: N78
Original acrylic painting by artist Rudy Sparkuhl titled: "Trolley Time"

Friday Lot: N79
2 Original Gouache paintings by Tom Sinclair of Banff Springs Hotel in the winter and Banff Springs hotel in the summer.

Friday Lot: N80
Mopar Fridge - Square

Friday Lot: N81
Mopar Fridge (Round Shoulders)

Friday Lot: N82
1930 Canadian Tire wheel - Super lastic Master size 600-21

Friday Lot: N83
Bowser Fire Chief Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N84
White Rose Bennett Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N85
MS Fire Chief Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N86
Wayne 100 Shell Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N87
Wayne 100 Super Shell Gas Pump

Friday Lot: N88
Coca-Cola Neon Sign

Friday Lot: N89
Texaco Neon Sign