Toronto International Fall Classic Car Auction 2006

Friday Lot: N123
Texaco Marine white gasoline 1950s Bennett gas pump. Fully restored came from Georgian Bay Marina on the Key River. Pumped gas from the 1960s to 2000. 40 years of marine gas- WOW!

Friday Lot: N124
Supertest Tokheim 1950s original gas pump. Nice restoration unit.

Friday Lot: N126
"OK" Used Cars Neon Sign.

Friday Lot: N127
Dogs & Suds rootbeer marquis.

Friday Lot: N128
The Roadkill Café daily special neon sign marquis.

Friday Lot: N129
Kaiser Service neon sign.

Friday Lot: N130
Authorized Buick Service neon sign.

Friday Lot: N132
Chevrolet Corvette marquis neon sign.

Friday Lot: N140
Red Indian 1947 tall Bennett gas pump. Professionally restored in acrylic urethane. Very collectable Red Indian pump.

Friday Lot: N141
Red Indian (black) fully restored. Orignal 1947 tall Bennett pump.

Friday Lot: N142
1940s Gilmore rare tall 641 Bennett gas pump.

Friday Lot: N143
1940s custom Harley-Davidson blend gas pump cut Tokheim 39. Nice collectable unit.

Friday Lot: N147
Double Erie 1959 Sunray Gasoline pump. Fully restored, rare, collectable piece.

Friday Lot: N148
1930s Supertest "Steel body globe" clockface gas pump. Very rare Martin Swartz. Original pump with accessory lamp shades painted in acrylic urethane.

Friday Lot: N152
1920s Gilbarco model #65 Shell Gasoline pump. Very unique piece, nice collector's item. Brass and white cloth hose, painted in acrylic urethane.

Friday Lot: N153
1950's Coca-Cola Machine

Friday Lot: N154
Hot rod lamp with globe

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N155
1940s oak barrel (3 pieces) done in Harley-Davidson. Includes barrel, oil bottle and tin catch barrel.

Offered Without Reserve
Friday Lot: N156
Original 1940s Wishing Well Orange Thermometer. Excellent condition, very rare collectors piece.

Friday Lot: N157
Original 1950s Quaker State Motor Oil sign. Double sided.