The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction 2011

Friday Lot: N130
Orange and White Original Eco Air Meter

Friday Lot: N131
Wayne 100 Texaco Gas Pump

Saturday Lot: N131A
Indian Fridge

Friday Lot: N131B
Indian Motorcycle Reproduction Pump

Sunday Lot: N136
Dog n Suds Neon Sign

Sunday Lot: N137
Road Kill Café Daily Specials - Neon

Sunday Lot: N138
Penzoil - Neon

Sunday Lot: N139
Sunoco - Neon

Friday Lot: N14
Coca Cola Water Jug

Offered Without Reserve
Sunday Lot: N140
Pontiac Authorized Service - Neon

Sunday Lot: N141
Road Runner - Neon - White

Sunday Lot: N142
Pure Firebird - Neon

Sunday Lot: N143
Road Runner Green Band - Neon

Sunday Lot: N144
Chevrolet Corvette - Neon

Sunday Lot: N145
Used Cars - Neon

Sunday Lot: N146
Ford - Neon - Oval

Sunday Lot: N147
55 Thunder Bird - Neon

Sunday Lot: N148
56 Thunder Bird - Neon

Sunday Lot: N149
57 Thunder Bird - Neon

Friday Lot: N15
Texaco Tub and Thermometer

Offered Without Reserve