The Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction 2011

Saturday Lot: N112
H. D. Lighted Sign

Saturday Lot: N113
Texaco Curb Sign

Friday Lot: N114
OK Porcelain Sign 36"

Friday Lot: N115
GMC Sales and Service Porcelain 42" Sign

Friday Lot: N116
Street Car Fare Box

Sunday Lot: N117
1950's Air Plane Ash Tray - Professionally Plated

Saturday Lot: N118
Coca Cola Street Sign

Friday Lot: N119
Reproduction Eco Drum Air Tire Inflator

Sunday Lot: N12
Coca Cola Telephone

Saturday Lot: N120
Reproduction All Steel Fire Chief Pump

Saturday Lot: N121
Reproduction All Steel Sky Chief Pump

Friday Lot: N122
Reproduction All Steel Gas Island

Friday Lot: N123
1950's Allan Battery Charger

Friday Lot: N124
Reproduction Eco Red Air Meter

Saturday Lot: N125
Reproduction J. D. Clear Vision Pump. "Green and Yellow"

Friday Lot: N126
Firechief Reproduction Clear Vision Pump

Friday Lot: N127
Thunder Bird Neon

Friday Lot: N128
Supertest Lighted Half Globe

Friday Lot: N129
Red and White Original Eco Air Meter

Friday Lot: N13
1940's Protectoseal Restored Green Car